Northern Air Merchant Services


My name is Rick Montgomery, owner of Northern Air Merchant Services.

Grow Your Business

The sacrifices you make to get your business off the ground and the commitment of time to grow your business is unparalleled in any other realm.

It is those attributes of entrepreneurship that spurs us and fuels us to do whatever I can do to help that process – and you – to be successful.

Today businesses are faced with increasingly complicated challenges. The Northern Air Merchant Services team is dedicated to identifying those challenges and dedicated to providing relevant, effective solutions.

Competitive Rates

Unlike many merchant service providers out there, we provide you with the lowest credit/debit card processing fees in the industry as well as valuable merchant tools that help you succeed in your business and make your life easier.

It is these solutions that will help maximize your profits, market and grow your business, and let you spend more time at home with your family and friends.

Our Mission is H.O.P.E.

My company purpose is to help every business grow and prosper, and to protect the foundation of our local Wisconsin economy.  Our mission statement is simply H.O.P.E.Helping Other People Every day.

That foundation I protect is YOU – the small business owner.  I have a genuine concern for the success and financial well-being of every business , and by providing local personal service, education, resources and tools that give you value for your hard earned money, I want to be your trusted friend and partner, helping you to reach your goals and business success.


I come to you with over 30 years of financial industry experience, both as a bank Vice President of Commercial Lending, and as an entrepreneur starting my own very successful businesses including Northern Air Merchant Services.

My expertise and passion for the Credit Card Processing industry as well as other Merchant Services such as Marketing and Business Management Resources has been showcased over the last several years in my role as a keynote speaker at many trade association conventions – such as the Wisconsin Tavern League – as well as writing as a guest columnist in the North Woods Commerce Magazine and other publications.


When you become a Northern Air Merchant Services family member, our team of professionals make sure you receive our time, attention, and personal commitment to create and give you value through our services, while also providing you with the very best payment processing services available in the business world.

Rick Montgomery – Owner / Agent
Northern Air Merchant Services
Phone: (715) 889-2409