Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be the business networking group of choice for North Central Wisconsin.  As like-minded professionals, we will help each other improve the possibility of business success through warm referrals and legitimate business prospects submitted to the member whose business most appropriately meets the prospect’s needs.

Our Vision is to develop quality relationships with each other and with our business connections that advance those relationships and enhance each other’s business success not necessarily by the number of referrals or their type, but by their quality.  This includes when considering new members for the group.

Our Intention is to ease the requirements for participating in a business referral group to improve the possibilities for everyone’s success.  We will enhance each others’ businesses through:


We will cross-promote each others’ businesses


We will keep in regular contact with each other.


We will learn about each others’ businesses, and reveal our own.


We will stay committed to our community and its business environment.